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The AIASF / Center for Architecture + Design Gallery is one of the West Coast’s only spaces devoted solely to the exploration of architecture and design. The gallery specializes in exhibitions that showcase the best of the Bay Area’s design talent, while also exploring issues of national and international concern. Click here for Facility Rental information.

Future City: Metropolis re-IMAGINED (2017)


What are the questions we are not asking about the future? Social change must begin from the place of observation. There are daunting civic, environmental, and political challenges in front of us.  The goal of this exhibition is to analyze the status quo, drawing attention to the invisible. Scrutinizing the current urban fabric of SF and reflecting allows us to forge ahead with new ways of thinking. Featuring the work of urban planners, architects, designers, poets and artists. The result is a poetic embodiment of multiple truths, perspectives, and realities of how we can think toward the future.  

Curators: Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James

Featured artists: Suzan Borazjani, Kevin Corcoran, Eilish Cullen, Courtney Ferris, Uri Han, Cynthia Hua, David Irwin, Michael Mersereau, Denise Newman, Yuri Pop, Merav Tzur, Andy Vogt.

Secret City (2017)

AIASF and the Center for Architecture + Design San Francisco present the “Secret City” gallery exhibition. How does the City, and its secrets, inspire artists and their work? AIASF and The Center reveal and explore alternate perspectives on the city of San Francisco in this curated selection of works from the following Bay Area artists: Jennifer Clifford, Dan Hogman, Henrik Kam, Daniel Morago, Yon Sim, Joshua Singer, Clark Thenhaus. Collective works from Creativity Explored as well as The East Cut Identity Project artists Terri Loewenthal, Aleya Hoerlein, Michael Osborne and Karin Soukup. Image by Andrew Li.

Resilient City: Strength by Design

This exhibition in collaboration with Recology SF AIR program aims to showcase the unique realization that architecture has the capability to build up a city as well as be its own opponent.

Recology AIR Program: The Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco was established in 1990 to encourage the conservation of natural resources and instill a greater appreciation for the environment and art in children and adults. Artists work for four months in studio space on site, use materials recovered from the Public Disposal and Recycling Area, and speak to students and the general public. Background image: Abel Rodriguez, The Future of Industrial Man, 2011.

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In_Sight On_Site: Beyond Function

AIA San Francisco presents the exhibition In_Sight On_Site: Beyond Function. Architects and designers showcase their talents beyond their design concepts for the built environment. Through this curated exhibition, AIASF highlights the richness and diversity of the local interdisciplinary design community.

2015 AIASF Design Awards Exhibition

Featuring the winning projects of the 2015 Design Awards program and recipients of the 2015 Community Alliance Awards, this exhibition celebrates the best of Bay Area architecture and design and the exceptional individuals and organizations whose overall work, leadership and dedication shape the character and vibrancy of our communities and the future of our built environment.

PLAY: Design in Action 

PLAY featured works of eight Bay Area organizations that engage design in diverse ways. Artists represented include Google, Heath Ceramics and Anchor Brewing, made sketches to play with their designs while others employed state-of-the-art technology to push the limits and possibilities of their fields. All of these playful approaches facilitate problem solving, circumvent the adult impulse to self-edit, and foster environments for innovation.

Small Firms Great Projects 2014/2015

Small Firms, Great Projects showcases the innovative and award-winning work of local architecture and design professionals. Open to architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture firms with 19 or fewer employees, the program provides a venue for small firms to showcase their best work in a magazine publication, online and companion exhibition.

Home: My San Francisco

The relationship of an individual to his or her home is complex and intimate. In Home: My San Francisco, photographs of twelve unique homes, supplemented with an online trove of images, architectural drawings, videos and texts, help to reveal the narrative environments about the people who live in them and the history of their houses. Together they define the spaces we call home.

Reading Cities: Figure Ground Drawings by John Ellis

36 figure ground drawings, all at the same scale, represent and compare examples of urban form from Roman times to the present day. Urban scale comparisons are shown, sometimes to jarring effect, such as the similar square footage of Heathrow Airport and The City of London.

Design Awards 2014

AIASF’s Design Awards program celebrates outstanding achievements in architecture and design. Recognizing the work of Bay Area individuals and organizations as well as architects and related professionals from afar who contribute to the framework of our local built environment, the program serves to inform the public of the breadth and value of architectural practice.

Show and Tell

In honor of AIGA’s Centennial, Show and Tell is an up-close and personal look at legendary designers' early studies, work process, and work product. During the exhibit there will be a series of small conversational event gatherings with design leaders at the Center for Architecture + Design gallery in San Francisco. Curated by Karin Hibma.

Constructed Realities

Constructed Realities recognizes exemplary performance in a broad range of architectural work, informing the public of the diversity, value, and social power of architecture. 2013 award categories included Small Projects, Architectural Detail, Restaurant Design (in partnership with Golden Gate Restaurant Association) and Social Impact Design (in partnership with Public Architecture).

Unbuilt San Francisco 2013

Unbuilt San Francisco showcases dramatic plans, infrastructure and buildings that were never constructed, juxtaposed with the reality of our current built environment. Unbuilt concepts include grand visions squashed by politicians and community activists, projects deemed too impossible to construct, or competition entries that did not succeed.

2013 AIASF Design Awards

In existence for nearly half a century, AIA San Francisco’s Design Awards program recognizes the outstanding achievements in architecture and design of Bay Area individuals and organizations as well as celebrates the distinguished work of architects and related professionals from afar who contribute to the framework of our local built environment.

2012 Small Firms, Great Projects

Open to architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture firms with 19 or fewer employees, Small Firms, Great Projects provides a venue for small firms to showcase their best work in a magazine publication, online and companion exhibition.