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Blue Barn Theatre and Boxcar 10
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Special Commendation

Urban Design

Conceived as a new arts hub in a rapidly changing district near downtown Omaha, an experimental theater opens to the city outdoors through a public open space anchored with a mixed-use building. Three related projects share an integrated half-block to transform the relationship of cultural facilities and public-private space towards a collective urbanism.

The jury commented that it is easy living in a dense urban center to dismiss places like Omaha when we think about Urban Design. They especially appreciated the bold colors, crenelated sod roof and openability to the exterior. There is a certain clarity about this project. It has a lot of design put into it, but it is clearly in service to the end users of the building as well as the community at large. The whimsical form, expressive detailing, and bold materials represent the independent-minded arts group and at the same time engage the urban passer-by. The residential units that recede into the background and the public green space as amenity are thoughtful additions to the project.

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Paul Crosby Architectural Photography
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
Morrissey Engineering, Inc.
Min | Day
Bluebarn Theatre / Chicks and Bricks, LLC
Min | Day / Morrissey Engineering, Inc.
Fisher Dachs Associates
General Contractor
Kiewit Building Group
Civil Engineer
Ehrhart Griffin & Associates
Structural Engineer
Shaffer & Stevens PC
Min | Day with el dorado, inc. and Urban Rain Studio
Min | Day
Midwest Sound & Lighting, Inc.
Design Awards 2016